PA Musician's Jim Price Review of My 2nd CD "DECEIVED" - JULY 2018 ISSUE:  ALMOST HOWE - DECEIVED (no label) Almost Howe is the band project brainchild and alter ego of York area-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bill Jones, whose music career spans more than 50 years. Almost Howe's 2nd CD, Deceived, features 11 tracks displaying a variety of rock-based flavors. 1970s-era hard rock and classic heavy metal comprise the primary foundation here, with many of the songs featuring beefy, thunderous rhythms, chunky guitar chords and Bill's mid-ranged lead vocal. Never say die-era Black Sabbath comes to mind as a reference. Bill angles for intriguing, unpredictable song arrangements several times, including the leadoff track "Dignity" with its oddball chord shifts and twists, "Sea of Dreams" with its Jeckyl-and-Hyde shifts between synth underscores and pulverizing metal thunder, the angry album title stomp "Deceived" and "Mother Bankrupts Door". Almost Howe delves into hard funky rock on the catchy "The Look", and explores darker blues-rock flavors on "Wounded" and "Speechless Blues." Bill vents about the country's dysfunctional two-party political circus on the punk fueled rant "Party Demise" - complete with mid-song "God Bless America" guitar solo- and generates a speed metal science lesson finale with "Supercollider". Bill plays all instruments here, including guitars, bass, drums and keys, and shows solid skills on all of them. Recorded by Bill and mastered by Gene Paul, the album sounds gritty and raw. The mix comes off slightly murky in spots, but sounds clear and balanced more often than not. Bill Jones reveals more of his musical world via Almost Howe's Deceived, a solid set that reveals a bolder, stronger rock edge and sense of adventure. (The CD can be obtained through the website  ” - Jim Price

PA MUSICIAN - July 2018 Issue